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This template does not require much, a few colors, logo, done.


Short Form Product LP

Client based product page with Short Form and Call functionality.

Insightful Truckerv.1.1

2 Column, call-back, short form

When the client has a sensitive soul and wants to convey that they care about their fleet.

Centered Formv.1.3

3 Column, call-back, short form

Large amounts of space for long lists, with if-by-phone and click to call support. Can be very visual with full body and header backgrounds.


Simple and Clean

This template does not require a large image, simply a logo. The main focus is on the benefits, qualifications & CTAs.

Show and Tellv.1.0

1 column

CTA highlighted at the "top of the fold" with expandable images below. (Images pop up in a lightbox and it'll make everyone ooh and ahh.)


Multi-page with short form

It's responsive, it's got cool textures, it's got a form. What more could you want?


Short form


Preview Page with Logicv.1.2

1 column, image logic using PHP

Logic version of the Preview Page -- Uses PHP variables for Company Name and file extension. Quickly drop a set of banners and .zip in the "package" folder with the correct naming convention (instructions in the page), set the variables and you are done.



Supports longer short form and landing pages with more content than images.

Preview Pagev.1.0

1 column, embed and img codes included

Shell Randall-Reilly preview page -- Randall Reilly branding with h1, h2, h3, img styling. This is a open shell template.





2 Column, Call and short form

Responsive design that has short form on the right.


Grid Structure

This allows for a large image and ample room for detailed lists.

Big and Tallv.1.0

Large Background, Ifbyphone, Shortform, Desktop

Full responsive support with simple email shortform. This template has quick setup variables like company name and phone number, and tracking placeholders. Visual Visual Visual! Make sure to change the placeholder images to something new!


No frills, all business

This template does not require an image and focuses on content.

Land and Slidev.1.0

Product/Services, Slider, Call/Form

Responsive contrasting layout that draws the user to the main content and short form. Additional content on products/services found in slider below.

On Deckv.1.0

1 column

Fancy slider is the main feature.


Overlayed 2 Column, Call and short form

Lefties do it better. Responsive design that has short form on the left. Includes two call-to-action buttons.

Window to My Soulv.1.0

Center and Flat

This reflects a "Windows 8" theme





Animated, eye-catcher

This template can be used for recruiting or product based landing pages. It features a focused image area and three columns for expanded information.


Call Only

Simple call only template. This template allows for a large image and bulleted lists.

Light and Airyv.1.1

2 Column, call and short form

Changes for 1.1 - Added responsive support, style changes & other missed coding errors in IE8. A clean minimalistic page with simple execution. Use of minor color to draw the eye.


Microsite w/ Shortform


Call Me Maybev.1.0

Call-Only Template

Straight-forward design that puts emphasis on the call feature. Does not include a short form.


Call only




Short Form

This template has not been fully converted yet. Company information needs removed and style sheet should be cleaned up.


Eye catching headline for main benefit.

Responsive layout with room to grow for text heavy pages. Features benefits area, qualifications, about section and hiring area. Short form can easily grab more attention with optional border.

Preview Page Automaticv.1.2

1 column, image logic in PHP

Based on Preview Page v.1.0. but with no need to make any changes to the index file. The php generates the page and the sizes underneath.


Mobile Call Only

Simple call only template. This template allows for quick calls and quick information.